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VIP Training

Now available in Corona, CA and Las Vegas, NV

VIP Training is geared towards the ‘pampered pet.’

If you feel your dog will be more comfortable and secure in a loving home, as opposed to a kennel environment, then you should consider the VIP Training course.

Our two top trainers take the VIP dogs into their homes and treat them as their own for the duration of the course.

They will learn in a quiet, safe, and loving environment. Daily outings are included, allowing the trainers to work with them around various distractions such as in shopping centers, sports parks, beaches, and outdoor cafes.

They will also get plenty of playtime and exercise with other resident VIP dogs.

Space is limited, so make a reservation early!


This course includes:

  • Obedience training
    • Basic commands and obedience
    • Verbal cues and hand signals
    • 30 minute down stay
    • Housebreaking / Crate Training
  • Behavioral Management
    • Issues like play biting, jumping, chewing, digging, barking, aggression, or destructive behavior
  • Positive Reinforcement / Clicker Training
  • Socialization and daily exercise
  • Training booklet
  • Access to our 6 week group class
  • 24 hour a day supervision
  • Video is available upon request

Your personal VIP Trainer


Fees and duration for this course will vary with each dog. We invite you to bring your dog in for a personalized evaluation so we can better assist you in choosing an appropriate training program and also pricing which will fit your budget.

VIP Training

Contact us for a personalized evaluation!

  • Evaluation Fee: $120
  • Fee is applied towards the cost of VIP Training.
  • Tuition and duration varies per dog.

Your dog will be trained, socialized, exercised, and worked around many everyday distractions both inside the home and also out in the environment.

They will get to go on daily field trips such as to parks, outdoor cafe’s, little league games, and shopping centers.

The trainer also has 4 children of his own, giving your dog the added bonus of learning how to be well mannered around typical family life and also enjoy the kids during supervised playtime and daily exercise.

This type of training is called ‘generalization’. Once the training is learned in a quiet home environment and the dog is doing all the exercises with good focused attention on his handler, it is then taken to the outside world where it will learn to do the same under various distractions. This is very important for those families who like to take their dog on family outings.