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We purchased a beautiful, female puppy from Thinschmidt in the spring of 2013.  Having owned large breed dogs for 30+years, we knew exceptional breeding was essential in choosing a GSD puppy.  At the time, our family included a 10 year old dominant male Bernese Mountain Dog, who had been the sole dog in the house for 6 years.  The desired puppy was to be a companion dog for our daughter, living in the same household.  Upon speaking with our vet of 20 years, she recommended Thinschmidt German Shepherds.   In her words, “the best temperament, I have seen in a GSD in years!”.   After speaking with the owners of these Thinschmidt dogs and meeting both of the dogs, we put a deposit on a puppy!  Michele, Robert and Maria were always helpful in answering my daughter’s questions.  On the day of temperament testing Michele spent several hours with us helping my daughter chose the right puppy for her.  The puppy was left for training and we returned 5 weeks later.

This beautiful puppy was so well trained, we had none of the “puppy chaos” of prior pups! My daughter followed Michele’s directions regarding introducing her to our older male BMD and within weeks they were best friends.   At 6 months we had her spayed and routine hip x-rays done.  Our vet commented, “best hips I have seen on a GSD”.   We have had absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with everyone at Thinschmidt!  My daughter’s almost 2 year old Thinschmidt dog is the most healthy, intelligent and kind girl.  She is the perfect companion for my daughter!  We recommend anyone considering adding a GSD to their family to consider Thinschmidt German Shepherds.  We are anxiously awaiting our next Thinschmidt puppy this spring!  Wonderful breeders!  Wonderful dogs!



Jeanne Smith