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Private Training

Private training is ideal for people who would like individual attention and a more personalized program, designed specifically for their dog and particular needs.

Many people enjoy the convenience of a flexible schedule and one-on-one help from a trainer.


You will meet with one of our trainers once a week for six consecutive weeks. The schedule is more flexible then the group class as you can decide with the trainer what days and times will work best.

Each week you will get one hour of individual attention, with the trainer showing you how to train your dog, while tailoring the lessons to fit your individual needs. We will address basic obedience, manners, and any behavior issues you may be having.

You will be instructed on what to work on during the week at home; written homework sheets are provided to help guide you and keep you on track.


A major benefit of this course is the potential for us to control the amount of distractions your dog will be exposed to. Because we have a large facility with access to several breeds of dogs, employees, client appointments, and other everyday occurrences, we are able to manipulate the environment to fit your dog’s comfort level. By being careful to work “under threshold”, your dog will feel safe, confident, and learn quickly, thoroughly enjoying their training and anxiously anticipating each new session!

All training is taught with positive reinforcement using motivational tools to get your dog excited about learning new tasks.


Enrollment Information

All Private Training sessions meet at our facility.

  • Private Training is available at your home (additional fees apply, limited to the immediate Corona area).

An evaluation is required before enrolling in Private Training so that we can design a training program specifically for you.

  • Evaluation Fee: $120
  • Fee is applied towards the cost of Private Training or In-Board Training

Private Training Fee:

  • Cost: $1,200 – $1,500
  • 6 consecutive weeks


  • One-on-one help from a trainer
  • Personalized training program
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ability to control distractions
  • Safe learning environment

Ideal For

  • People who prefer to train their own dog
  • Those not comfortable parting with their dog for several weeks for In-Board Training
  • Specific behavioral issues that require the full and immediate personal attention of a professional dog trainer
  • Dogs not suitable for a group class, which requires them to be sociable with other dogs and people
  • Dogs that lose focus from the unpredictable distractions of a group class
  • People who have difficulty attending a group class with a rigid schedule

Semi-Private Training

This course is similar to our Private Training, with the exception that you are sharing your hour with one or two other families. This is a great way to still receive some personalized training at a reduced cost.

It includes basic obedience, manners, and help with behavioral issues. The trainer will show you how to train your dog and you will be required to work with him every day at home. Each session builds on the week before, and homework sheets are provided to help keep you on track.

Course duration is 6 consecutive weeks and the cost will vary, depending on how many dogs are enrolled. Two families are $550 each. Three families are $350 each. Additional weeks may be added at an additional cost. This course is held at our facility.