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I think Sig is a very handsome boy but I’m a little biased. Sig looks a lot like his sire Baru. He has a really dark mask and a big, blocky, masculine head and has a solid black saddle with a little grizzling on his withers. Sig has a really beautiful gait. Besides being beautiful he is a very sweet boy and is my constant companion. Wherever I am Sig is never more than a couple of feet away. I absolutely love him and I am so blessed that he is a member of our family.

Sig’s sire is 3XVA1TR 2XV19 VA2PT Baru vom Furstenbrunnn

His dam is SG 77 JKH BSZS 2011 Ginger von Zornkeltinga

Attached is a photo of Sig and the Christmas tree that has be resized and sharpened for Facebook.

Sig is currently enrolled in a puppy intermediate class where he is doing stays and recalls under a lot of different distractions, heeling off lead, and some agility. My oldest son and his wife are taking their lab puppy, too. Sig and Otis are play buddies and are having a lot of fun in class.

I’d love for you to post any of the photos of Sig that I’ve sent you and any in the future to your website. I am really proud of him and think he is an incredible handsome boy!

Sig is such a wonderful addition to our family. I quit teaching in July to pursue my interest in photography, and Sig has been my constant companion and company throughout the house renovation and move. He was the perfect choice for Joe and me 🙂 I would love to be a part of Thinschmidt’s referral program and share my experience with potential customers.