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I have had 8 dogs of which the last 3 were german shepherds – 1 female and 2 males. The female I bought from a top North American breeder in CT and the 2 males from Thinschmidt. My female was very protective and mean especially if she didn’t know someone. My 2 males were/are structurally very sound. Their hips/elbows are locked in. They have beautiful markings. Their temperment is unbelievable. They are “GREAT” with family and friends as well as other dogs.

“Leslo” won Watertown’s (CT) coolest canine and “Jack” came in second place. The local show was hosted by the town canine police officers and judged by WFSB channel 3 Scott Haney. The police are amazed at how well behaved and great they are with other dogs and kids especially if you witness Watertown’s canine “Enzo” who has a very mean temperment. Watertown police use the same vet that I use – Dr Price at Watertown Animal Hospital. He is amazed and to qoute him – “You got Rin Tin Tin twice”. He also notes that WPD “Enzo” has to be muzzled every visit and he also went after one of the tech’s in his office.

“Jack” will let you know if someone comes up the driveway and he and Leslo’s intelligence is tremendous. They are both very loving dogs who love to be with the family and the family loves having them around. I would listen to Diane and let her pick the right dog for you. I did and I struck “Gold” twice. I called on another adult german shepherd she had and she told me that they were for schultzland and attack dogs – she said this is not the dog for you. She was right and I highly recommend you listen to her recommendation.

They are “GREAT” people there – I have worked with Doug and Michele as well as Diane. I looked everywhere – CT,Colorado, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Germany and Czechslovakia. Once I talked to Diane and she told me to trust her – I did and I never looked back. I would only go to them for a German shepherd. I would also advise you to consider having them train the dog before you get him/her. If you any other questions feel free to ask. Good luck!

Jack weighs 82.5 pounds and they were amazed that we got Rin Tin Tin twice – Leslo and Jack. The Watertown Police Canine dog – Enzo – goes there and has to be muzzled and still goes to attack people even with the police officer with him – he is from Czecheslovakia. They asked where do our dogs come from. We told him Thinschmidt German Shepherds in Corona, CA. He is amazed at our dogs temperments – which both came from you. He also said Jack is a strong, lean 82.5 pounds.


Joe and Patti Lombardi

Leslo is a very gentle dog. He is one of the 2 best dogs I’ve ever had – I’ve had 8 total. He is very loving, playful and has a friendly disposition about him. He has tremendous markings. He is very strong and agile – his hips are very strong and locked in. He is very intelligent. I would recommend Diane and Doug Foster if you want a quality German Shepherd. I trust her and her assessment of finding the right dog for you. If you have ever had German Shepherds before then you know what I am going to say – they are the most loyal Companion you will ever have. I would go to Diane if I would ever get another one – she is a GREAT person. I have had both male and female German Shepherds and I can say that the males tend to be more cuddlers and the females more protective. I have a male now and my last one was a female. I trust Diane much more than a local top North American breeder who is in Connecticut where I got my last German Shepherd. If you have any other questions let me know.

Hi Diane,

Leslo is doing GREAT! He is already house trained – done with positive loving rewards. He loves to snuggle and cuddle. He follows Joe everywhere he goes. We are so thankful on this day of thanksgiving. Leslo has brought so much joy to our lives and home. You were right – to trust you. We thank you and God for the work you and Doug do with these beautiful pets.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Joe Lombardi, Patti, and Leslo

Hi Diana,

Leslo is smart, lovable, extremely loyal and has stolen our hearts. Thanks for all you, Doug and your staff do with these dogs. You truly make a difference.


Joe, Patti & Leslo Lombardi

Hi Diane,

Leslo is doing great. He is very strong and lovable. He loves to go everywhere. We bought a motorhome and we will be taking him on vacation with us. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you know when his pink papers will be coming in from Germany? Hope all is well.


Joe, Patti and Leslo Lombardi