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Hello Robert, Dianna & Doug,

Our ride home last week with Riley was uneventful. There was not a peep out of him! That was a good thing since it took about an hour and a half to get home.

The time that Riley spent with you and your training is priceless!!! We have almost made it through one week, and Riley is doing great.

We are following all of your advice. He is no longer top dog, but he is our family pet and he is being enjoyed soooo much more, now that we have him under control. We are continuing to work on the come command. He is fine while in a sit/stay, but when he is allowed to roam the yard, we must keep the long line on him so that we can correct him quickly. He is slowly getting it! Yeah!

Dave and I were very impressed with the training program and all of the time that you spent with us when we came to pick Riley up. You all are so educated in dog obedience and training, and it shows! Did I forget to mention very positive and caring?

Thank you all for all that you offered to us. We look forward to each day that Riley progresses. He is a wonderful pet and we love him dearly.


Elaine & Dave Ludwin

P.S. Your compound is so relaxing… the music playing in the background is a beautiful touch! God Bless.