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Please read my story about these incredible people.

My husband and I began our search for our German Shepard in February this year. After speaking to, or visiting SEVERAL breeders we found Thinschmidt! We called and spoke with Maria, made an appointment to come by, see the facility and speak with Michelle (office manager and co-owner). When we arrived we were greeted at the gate and as we pulled in we saw a beautiful Shepherd approx. 10 months old just lying on the patio with a trainer about 10 feet away. We walked past that dog and he didn’t flinch. When we entered the office and met with Michelle she explained to us this dog was purchased from a different breeder by an older couple and had some behavior problems. Well I have never seen a more well behaved dog, could not believe that dog ever had any behavior problems to look at it now.

Michelle proceeded to ask us several questions such as, “had we ever had a GSD before and why were we seeking a pup, what was our home like etc… I am thinking hmm some of these questions seemed out of line but as the process continued I realized she was interested in all these facts so as to assist us in choosing the pup best suited for our lifestyle and personalities. We spent at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours there. Michelle showed us every inch of the property not hiding any area. ALL kennels were spotless. All kennels were large so that dogs had room to play and interact. They have a beautiful grass training area and a large fenced dirt play area. She proceeded to introduce us to what came to be the stud for the littler we had chosen GONZO.

Gonzo is the biggest most intimidating looking GSD, however he came right over to us, sat and had all his manners in place. I put my face right up to his and snuggled a little and he was just a loving big bear. It was obvious these dogs are well loved and well trained. The parents we chose had not yet confirmed pregnancy but we knew when we left, Thinschmidt was where we wanted to purchase our pup.

We went home and put a deposit in online and just figured we would wait as long as needed. A few weeks later the pregnancy was confirmed and the wait began. On June 14th Uta whelped 6 pups, we were so excited. Michelle sent us pictures fairly regular from that point on. We also had shown some interest in Schutzund Training and were invited to observe. My husband and I went a several times while waiting for our girl to be 10 weeks old and we have made several friends there. She is 11 weeks old now and we couldn’t be happier.

These people really love their animals, they are all cared for, healthy and well adjusted. All the people we have met through the purchase of our pup along with Doug Foster, Jen, Mike and all the Shutzund club members have been absolutely wonderful. Always willing to offer advice and help in any way. They are a great support group to each other and we just feel blessed to have found Thinschmidt and all the people we have met through this experience. We can’t wait until our little Sascha is old enough to begin training with the club as well.