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We have a Thinschmidt shepherd that is now over two years old. We wanted to tell you he is the best dog that we have ever had! He came fully sit, down, stay trained, leash trained, and crate trained. From the day we got him, he never had one accident in the house and not one thing was ever touched or damaged in our home. Our friends could not believe it; we could not believe it either!! It was the best experience ever! He is our constant companion and with us in our home all day. These dogs make terrific companions and every moment with them is a joy! We joke that our dog is more human than dog and we all love him so much. My 9 year old son takes him everywhere- they are together from morning to night. If you are considering buying a Thinschmidt dog and you have the time and attention to devote to these amazing dogs, then do it!!! You will be so happy!!


Corbie Baugh