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My dog Siegmund, a 2yr old male GSD with high drive, had basic obedience from Assertive K9. His problems were impulsive, unfocused on me, dominant toward other dogs. Unable to put in ear drops in his ears and let me muzzle him.

After training with Robert, Siegmund has become much more focused on me and is responsive to my commands, especially when other dogs around. Also, he now allows me to put in his ear drops and muzzle him when needed.

I highly recommend Assertive K9 for any training or behavior problems you have with your dog.

Dear Robert and Michele,

Thanks for a job well done by Robert in training our boy Sigge. I could see how much he love and respect Robert. I am in awe what Robert have managed to do with him in such a short time.
The ride went well home. Quit as a mouse. He have always been a good traveler.

When we came home he immediately found my old slipper that he loves to carry around and would not leave my side. He was sooo happy. He is now resting calmly in his crate.
Hopefully I can start to bear weight on my leg in 11 days so I can work with him . I think Alan will “work” with me now and not sabotage his training. He was very impressed with you all. 🙂

Thanks again,