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Many months ago, we rescued a White Shepherd. Lola was not socialized when she was young. Merely penned up in a crate or tied up in a side yard with no contact with people or other dogs. Not surprisingly, she developed some fairly significant behavior issues. Within days of adopting Lola, we knew we were in trouble. Fortunately, I happened on the web site for this trainer. I visited a Saturday morning Group class and was impressed by the approach to training and the variety of breeds involved. The next weekend, we returned with Lola to have her evaluated. It was decided she would best benefit from in-board training.

It was hard to part with her for nearly five weeks, but the change was remarkable. It provided a foundation for us to build upon and gave us hope that we could manage such a high energy, high strung dog. Without professional assistance, things would not have worked out well for us or for Lola. Lola is still a work in progress. Clearly, we are not dog trainers and Lola will seize every opportunity to be in charge. The Saturday morning Group classes continue to be valuable as a way to reinforce the training she received and socialize her with other dogs.

Mike & Patty Canterbury