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Dear Michele, Robert and Jenn,

A very BIG THANK YOU is owed to each of you and the staff at K-9 Assertive Training. When we brought Samantha out to your facility at 16 weeks old for fear aggressive behavior we were at our wits end. Leaving her for 8 weeks at your facility was tough, but the results are proof of both Robert and Jenn’s training skills and knowledge of working with difficult dogs . We now have a dog that is more accepting of people outside her pack, loves all dogs and absolutely enjoys going places.

The best part, every time we come out to your facility for Saturday group training, she is in heaven. It warms our heart to see how much she loves and respects each of you. We won’t ever feel guilty when we go away for vacation and we bring her for boarding there…..she LOVES it!

Thank you all for training Sami as well as providing us the tools and education on how to manage her behavior. We appreciate your continuous guidance!