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Diana and family,

“Cash” is just making a wonderful hit with us. She is gorgeous to look at, very bright and responsive, playful, energetic, and I think making a good adjustment. Is doing quite well with potty training, eating well (good appetite!), and we are conscientiously going about upholding the training you have put on her. The training is a lifesaver…..she focuses so well. (I’ve reviewed the tape not less than 3 times, so far!). We are socializing her each day — she shows interest and is quite well behaved.

Got her an all wire crate on Tues. to sleep and “retire to for quiet time”. She loves it. We keep it off our family/TV room and kitchen, then at night she goes into it in the room down the hall from our bedroom. She wakes me up about 3-5 hours after we go to bed to go out to poop and pee, then “hops” back into the house and crate to sleep another 4 hours. So far, very reasonable.

Well, I guess that is an answer. I sound like a proud owner, don’t I? We are.

We will stay in touch. Thank you again for the opportunity to own such a beautiful dog.

Beth & Ed