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Lupe and I would like to express how happy we are with our new puppy KIZER!!!! It was a wonderful adventure and THINSCHMIDT GERMAN SHEPHERDS are so great to work with. Kaizer was born 03/30/2010 and Michele, kept us posted about the status and sent pictures about the puppies. They have always been helpful and kind with any questions we may have. Kaizer is beautiful, he is rich red and black and we get so many compliments on his good looks. Kizer is a five month old male from this kennel and he is the toughest and smartest dog I’ve ever owned. If you have any questions I would gladly answer them!

THINSCHMIDT GERMAN SHEPHERDS is one of the most knowledgeable breeders I have ever met. My wife and I could not be more happy he is like our child. His temperament is perfect and he is healthy as can be. I took him for a hip x-ray and it was perfect and everyone at the vet loved him. I’m very proud of our new puppy and if you are going to buy a German Shepherd buy it from THINSCHMIDT GERMAN SHEPHERDS. Very reliable and caring German Shepherd breeder. I recommend anyone who wants a beautiful and healthy German Shepherd to work with THINSCHMIDT GERMAN SHEPHERDS.

Dennis & Lupe Starbird