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Dear Diana, Doug, Michele and Robert,

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful puppy we chose from you. We’ve had Vincent von Thinschmidt (Uta-Gonzo pup) home now for about 3 weeks and he’s adjusted SO well. My husband and I can see how much care, energy and love you all put into your breeding and training program.

We both feel the need to express to your potential clients how important it is to choose a pup from knowledgeable breeders. As you know, our other dog, Mango has “issues” and when we brought her to you 2 years ago for a 6 week training program we couldn’t believe the difference in her when we got her back. She will never be the tender dog we hoped she could be, but because you have the knowledge, patience and skills, you had really opened our eyes to why she is the way she is. You taught us how to manage her and how to manage our environment to ensure her success. We can’t thank you enough!!

When we decided it was time to expand our family, we knew where to go. Knowing how you socialize your puppies from a very young age, I think you mentioned you started as young as 3 days old, we can see the difference between Mango and Vinnie. Vinnie is a calm, level headed, confident puppy and it’s such a pleasure to be able to take him everywhere knowing he’ll be comfortable and not phased by his surroundings. We’ve heard so many puppy horror stories from friends, such as their puppies nipping, jumping, soiling in the house and chewing furniture, so as first time puppy owners we did not want to have our own horror stories. THANK GOODNESS for your puppy guide you sent home with him, without it we would have been lost, We are following your guide to the letter and everything is looking good!

We are impressed by your knowledge about the breed and skills as professional trainers. It’s no wonder why so many people pick you for a well tempered GSD.

Again, we cannot thank you enough!

Mike and Jenn