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The Staff, Professionalism, Training & Facilities are exceptional!

After intense research across the nation, we chose THINSCHMIDT. Visit the site to verify this choice; talk to the staff. It is a well maintained, a clean environment, directed & focused at the dogs to provide the best care possible.

My German Shepherd has been lovingly taken care while performing intense training. I have been kept informed of her progress. I am so impressed with THINSCHMIDT, that we would like to purchase one of their German Shepherds in the future so that ours has a friend. They have the most beautiful dogs!

As for the breeding comments here, my German Shepherd came from a kennel out of state, which was similar, yet much smaller. They are breeding correctly and take considerable cautions; just look at the outcome of their lines. Absolute beautiful dogs, happy and trained properly. An exceptional facility along with a most friendly, professional staff.

Please check out their website; but more importantly, make an appointment & drive to the facility; take a tour and view the remarkable dogs and grounds.

I highly recommend Thinschmidt German Shepherds to everyone. We feel fortunate to have our German Shepherd in the best of care and professionalism.