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Hi Michele,

I wanted to let you know that Hinda (now known as Nina) is settling in very nicely. She’s absolutely perfect! She is very well behaved and is already extremely loyal. She has given me a sense of comfort and security while home alone and during our at least twice daily long walks. She’s learning the new routines of her life, and seems to be very happy with the transition. She is getting to the point of being fully relaxed around the house, falling sound asleep during nap time and not feeling the need to shadow me at all times. Emmet (my little Daschund) is warming up to her – he’s still a little unsure of her size and puppy energy at times, but there have been absolutely no issues between the two of them other than the expected “jealousy” from one while I pet the other (the head nudge with the look of “what about ME?!?!?”). J Having the opportuity to spend this past 3-day weekend at home helped make the transition easier on all of us. Thank you very much for making it happen on such short notice. I truly appreciate your efforts.

Thanks again!