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Dear Diana, Doug and Michele,

First of all, let us commend all of you for all your hard work at producing the most wonderful family friends. Our search for a discriminative GSD breeder paid off. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity of owning one. Your passion, dedication and love for the breed reflects in the manner you provide care and training to your animals, producing only the best of pets – and our children are lucky to be able to spend many years with one of them. Titan is an absolutely adorable dog with the best of manners and temperament….we could not have asked for a better dog!

We are also making sure we follow through with his daily training. He gets a walk in the morning and one in the afternoon. He does well during his down-stay, and that usually lasts more than an hour as he absolutely does not have any problem calming himself down and falling asleep! AWESOME!!! Seeing how well Titan behaves, Tony can’t wait to start attending more training classes and is actually looking forward to enrolling in the protection class when the time comes. There is no doubt that your training programs are 100% effective! The whole experience has been nothing but pleasant and fun.

On behalf of my family, Tony and the four girls, Tori, Lexi, Bea and Toni, I’d like to thank you all and we will always think of you fondly for giving us such a wonderful gift.


Yvette Sardillo, proud owner of Cim and Razor’s pup, Titan.