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I have been training with the team at Assertive K-9 training for nearly a year as part of the ABC dog training externship. This section of the ABC course requires you to work with a dog trainer in your community and learn the practical side of dog training and running a dog training business. I was fortunate enough to be placed with Diana, Doug and Michelle at Assertive K-9 Training in Corona.

Diana and Doug are very experienced trainers who were always very willing to pass on their knowledge, which was extremely invaluable to me, and helped me successfully complete the ABC course. Although the kennel is always very busy both Diana and Doug always took the time to give me advice and suggestions on my training style. Even once I finished the externship section of the course Diana and Doug continued to teach me other aspects and methods of working with both the dogs and the customers. As a result I continued to go to the kennel every Saturday.

While I was at Assertive K9 they covered all aspects of dogs and training including breeding, puppy socialization and obedience, behavior modification and owner training. I was also very fortunate that Doug and Diana are one of a handful of trainers that will work with, train and rehabilitate aggressive dogs. Many trainers will not work with extremely aggressive dogs, so being able to watch and learn how to handle and train these types of dogs, and to see the transformation of the dog was priceless, especially as a new trainer.

The team at Assertive K-9 are easy to get along with and create a fun learning environment. I would love to continue to work with Diana, Doug and Michelle and become more involved in the Kennel. Unfortunately circumstances do not allow but I know I will remain in contact with everyone and make sure to visit whenever possible.

Thank you Diana, Doug and Michelle for all your help, I look forward to working with you whenever possible in the future.

Sharon Bell


Sharon Bell