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Dear Doug, Diana and Michele,

I would like to take this time to encourage anyone who wants a great dog or has a problem animal to contact Assertive K-9 for help.

We have had Zelda for almost three weeks now and at 15 weeks we could not have hoped for a better puppy. The training administered by you has helped pave the way for a wonderful experience for my wife and I. The important thing being we are not young and it would be difficult at this stage in our lives to deal with a new puppy. Who would have believed one could train an 8 week old puppy. Zelda knows and responds to all the basic commands without hesitation. When we walk she acts as if this is old stuff. (no knoddling in the grass or tugging). As a testiment to your breeding program is the attitude Zelda has towards others.

We live in a senior community where the appearance of decorum is everything. There is barker on the same side of our house as the dog run. To date, no matter the outburst from the neighbor, not a word from Zelda. When we are walking, training or at rest in the home and people or dogs walk by there is no lounging, barking or attitude.

Thank you so much.

Then there was Ike our giant Schnauzer, and I mean giant. He topped 110 pounds and was out of control to the point of permanent sleep or training. I was afraid to take Ike even to the Vet for fear of an attack. We could not leave him at a kennel for a vacation and even family and friends could not visit.

Then we found Doug and Diana. After a few weeks of training we kept Ike another 8 years. Their exceptional handling abilities made all of this possible.

So people, run don’t walk to Assertive K-9 Training. You won’t regret it.

Gary and Faye