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I am now more educated about German Shepherds and the quality of bloodlines. I think we have gotten quite a bargain! I have seen many Shepherds at the park, the pet store, etc, and none of them are as good looking, and well behaved as Reese. I may be a little biased, but all the other dogs we have seen locally are Way beneath Reese in looks and smarts.

I know you sell a lot of dogs to a lot of different people, but I just wanted you to know that Reese went to a family that will always love and care for him. That’s the way I was raised and the way I have raised my kids. Reese loves us all and will always watch over all of us.

Reese went to the vet the other day. Weighing in at 72lbs at the young age of 7 months, he is solid muscle. I don’t think one person has not made a comment about the size of his paws…lol even the vet commented how big they were and said he’s going to be a big boy, the vet said he hasn’t seen a Shepherd pup of this quality in years. I had never had a pet or seen a pet that wasn’t nervous going to the vet. Reese walked in there like he owned the place and just flopped on the floor by my feet.

Reese is allowed to stay out of his crate when were home, loves to lay by us. He will go and sit by the back door if he needs to go get a drink or to the bathroom, before he comes back in, he sits and waits outside until we open the door. Reese will sit and wait while I put his food down for him. He will wait until I tell him that it’s OK to go eat. Reese has learned his name and comes running when called. I will ask Reese if he wants to go for a ride in my truck, he will grab his leash and bring it to me with excitement. Such a smart dog! Reese also loves the snow!!!

Reese has definitely bonded incredibly with our family, a little stronger with me. Reese will not let me out of his site and seems to believe that his mission in life is to be by my side no matter what situation we are in. He follows me around everywhere I go & if I’m out in the yard working on something he will usually just sit down and watch me. If I’m not home, he will follow my 14 year old daughter around.

Reese is willing to let other people touch him but he is so focused on the family and surroundings that it is almost as if the other people don’t exist unless someone moves too quickly towards one of us. The he has this VERY direct stare that seems to make people nervous. He will play with children and is very patient with them but even then Reese always knows where the family members are and what we are doing. He’s laying next to me in the office now as I write this.

So, the long and short of it is that we love Reese! His temperament is perfect and steady, he knows his job and does it with determination and stability, and loves to do whatever is asked of him. He is a total joy! I know I keep saying this, be he is my definition of the perfect dog: babies and children adore him and grown me run from him. You can’t ask for more!

I would love to teach Reese how to bark on command, any suggestions you might have, will be very helpful. Reese rarely barks. He is doing a lot of play biting, if you have suggestions for this please forward.

Thank you again for such a beautiful dog and friend. He is loved and pampered and is thriving.

Randy Lytle

P.S. Reese will start in a couple of weeks with agility training. Please find attached pictures.