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I am happy to give you our opinion of Assertive K-9 Referral. Do not hesitate if you feel you have an aggressive issue at all do not stop go directly to Corona and drop your baby off. You will never regret it. If anyone can help you with your Dog they can. Thunder is our second Rottweiler and has a wonderful temperament. As he approached three however he began to get a little “aggressive” by my definition. That is when we took him to Robert, Doug and Diane. They are incredible. They truly are. They can deal with all types of behavioral issues. For Thunder one of our biggest issues was focus when we had him out and about with other animals and other people. He also was getting a bit dominant when we had him at the beach at the park or around othe dogs. After having a VERY AGRESSIVE female Rottweiler I didn’t want that again. The trainer really provided focus for Thunder. With all the other dogs around in a very safe environment your dog can be trained with focused attention while getting the appropriate socialization to work on his other tendencies. Rottweilers like to work, they like to be challenged. I believe that if you are having aggressive issues with your dog that getting him working will be one of the best things for him. By working I mean the training. They really begin to love it. Robert handled the majority of Thunders training and he was incredible. Doug and Diane also had significant roles in Thunders training. They were able to train Thunder to perform in ways I never thought possible. We live in Germany and Dogs must be fully trained here. Thunder’s training brought on the results necessary for us to take him with us anywhere in Germany. He goes to Restaurants, markets, trains everywhere.

An Aggressive rottweiler is difficult to deal with, a trained focused rottweiler is an incredible gift. Take him to Diane, Robert and Doug and have them let you know what they can do. They will not pull any punches with you. If there is something in the Dogs temperament that is the issue they will let you know. If it is something you are doing they will let you know. Be open. In the end we found out it was probably me that needed the training.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Enclosed you will find a picture of Thunder this past weekend at the Kuekenhof in Holland (Huge Tulip gardens). We had groups of tourists all day taking pictures with him around the tulips… he had so much fun….. however the key here is that the gardens were incredible crowded and Thunder sat posing (if you will) for this picture with none of us holding on to him….we would have had a really tough time pulling that off with him before.