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Hi Michele,

Just a note to touch base since we’ve seen you. The obedience class for Blaze began this morning. Needless to say he was a shining star!! There are about seven dogs in the class, all different breeds, some large and some small. He was so well behaved, I couldn’t help but be a proud ‘parent’! The trainer commented on what a “beautifully bred dog he is.” She has shepherds as well and was quite impressed with him.

Blaze has adjusted quite well. Just as I could see from the beginning, he is VERY attached to Tim. He follows him from room to room throughout the house. If I leave the room he could care less! If Tim leaves the room he is up and off to see where they’re going. We just love him.

We go for daily walks mostly in the evening. It is much cooler and I think it makes it more enjoyable. My homework this week is to take him to a place where there are more people and distractions. I think we will walk in our downtown area called the village. There are always lots of people walking their dogs and/or just taking a stroll. I have no doubt he will behave very well. I will send pics of him once I learn how to download and attach them. ( Remember I told you I am computer challenged!). I will call next week for help with filling out the paperwork to change his name and ownership. Thank you again for your patience and kindness. Blaze is filling an empty spot in our hearts that I didn’t think could happen after we lost our darling Buddy.


Mary Hayward