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Is Your Dog Shedding?

Shaving vs. De-shedding

Should I shave or de-shed my dogs hair? We want you to be informed!

When you shave your dog this is what happens:

  • Risk of overheating or heat stroke is increased due to lack of “insulation”

  • Dog still continues to shed profusely
  • Your dog’s coat may not grow back especially in older dogs.
  • His coat may grow in sparsely, creating an unattractive look

  • Risk of skin cancer is greatly increased
  • Shaved dogs should wear sunscreen when exposed to sunlight
  • Coat will grow back thicker with each shaving, creating a more dense/thicker coat that will shed even more.

Here are the pros and cons of Deshedding:

  • Dogs will sometimes need a follow-up shed treatment to fully remove winter undercoat.
  • Dog may need 2nd treatment within 14 days of initial treatment
  • Dogs may have an increased shedding or 1-3 days after treatment as the coat will continue to drop out, from follicle stimulation

  • Dogs still have natural heating and cooling capability decreasing chances of overheating
  • Dogs are more comfortable when properly de-shedded vs. shaving.

Now that you all the facts about shaving vs. de-shedding you can make the most informed choice for your loved one!

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