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German Shepherd Import Puppies are coming!

Just in time for Christmas! 

We are excited to announce new German Shepherd Import puppies will be arriving to the United States on December 18, 2017. Viewing appointments will begin on Thursday December 21st. Beautifully bred for sound temperaments and even dispositions.

Call our office today to set up your viewing time! 951-277-0110


proudly offered by: Thinschmidt German Shepherds

Our Mission Statement

To responsibly breed for the very best in temperament, health, and beauty, and to keep the same dog, in one home, for life.

What sets us apart from other Breeders?

We are certified dog trainers and understand the importance of early socialization and conditioning, beginning at just 3 days of age. This process, which is unfortunately not done by many breeders, can and does eliminate serious behavioral problems once the pups are adults, especially in the areas of dog aggression, fearful behavior, stress in the dog leading to destructive chewing, digging, barking, etc., and overall good health, stronger immune system, and long lifespan.

Read about Our Philosophy for more information on how Thinschmidt German Shepherds is thoroughly dedicated to not only breeding from superior stock, but also in early socialization, conditioning, training, and in properly setting up an enriched environment, before you get your pup, thus eliminating future behavior problems. 951-277-0110

Updated: November 29, 2017 from Corona, CA Assertive K-9 Training & Thinschmidt German Shepherds. Offering In Board Training, Boarding during holidays, Private Lessons, Group Classes and more! 11111 Spanish Hills Drive Corona, CA 92883. Now offering dog training services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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